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Timing: Apr 19 2014 19:38:13
Script start
Debug: eZMySQLDB::query(0.000 ms) query number per page:0 Apr 19 2014 19:38:13
SET NAMES 'utf8'
Timing: Apr 19 2014 19:38:13
Module start 'user'
Timing: Apr 19 2014 19:38:13
Module end 'user'
Timing: Apr 19 2014 19:38:13

Timing points:

CheckpointElapsedRel. ElapsedMemoryRel. Memory
Script start 0.0000 sec0.0517 sec 3,021.9297 KB5,282.2344 KB
Module start 'user' 0.0517 sec0.0286 sec 8,304.1641 KB3,033.2266 KB
Module end 'user' 0.0803 sec0.0058 sec 11,337.3906 KB271.3125 KB
End 0.0861 sec  11,608.7031 KB 
Total runtime:0.0962 sec
Peak memory usage:12,658.2500 KB

Time accumulators:

 Accumulator Elapsed Percent Count Average
Load cache0.0123 sec10.8663%120.0010 sec
FindInputFiles0.0078 sec6.8717%120.0006 sec
Mysql Total
Mysql_queries0.0009 sec0.8117%20.0005 sec
Looping result0.0000 sec0.0097%10.0000 sec
Mysql_cluster_queries0.0016 sec1.4511%60.0003 sec
Template Total0.0316 sec 27.9% 3 0.0105 sec
Template load0.0172 sec15.1673%30.0057 sec
Template processing0.0143 sec12.5922%30.0048 sec
Cache load0.0063 sec5.6066%30.0021 sec
String conversion0.0000 sec0.0097%20.0000 sec
Total script time:0.1132 sec